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Whats the best kind of concealer or foundation or anything to cover up these four pimples I have ASAP?

I need it for today, I will go buy it in like two hours. I need something to cover me up completely without it looking blochy. Thanks ahead to any ladies or even men that answer this question.Whats the best kind of concealer or foundation or anything to cover up these four pimples I have ASAP?
first of all, if you have time...i know this sounds crazy, but it works. put a little bit of toothpaste on each pimple, especially if there red. that will help little. as far as foundation? try maybeline liquid, or the covergirl liquid/powder mix

good luckWhats the best kind of concealer or foundation or anything to cover up these four pimples I have ASAP?

Medium Moyon

its sweet.
Bare naturals concealer or Smashbox stick.... another tip is put a little visine on it beforehand and let it dry (it will take the red out!)

good luck!!!!!
Amazing Cosmetics- Amazing Concealer. The best concealer I have ever used, would never be without it. It's a bit pricey at $40, but it lasts a long time since you only have to use a pin prick sized amount. You can get at Sephora, call first they don't all carry it in the store, I had to get online. Good Luck.
Ok don't worry

Try Clean%26amp;Clear Maximum stength invisible blemish%26amp; pimple treatment It fights pimples all day. Just put it on your problem aria and let the magic begin!
dont use toothpaste! ever it just dries out your skin and makes your skin flaky. but it does lessen the redness. i dont recomend it

MAC Studio Fix Fluid works very well at covering pimples and acne scars and anything thing else u want to cover,i have some acne scars and the occasional pimple and this hides them so well! i dont even have to use concealer. just dab it on the spots where you need xtra coverage. MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation it has buildable coverage so u can put more or less on depending on the coverage u want. i have oily skin and this lasts all day through heat and sweat! before with my old makeup (bare mineral) i would have to reapply my makeup about 4 times a day. but with this i just put on my makeup in the morning and it lasts all day. also try MAC blot powder/pressed.

BUT HOWEVER the purpose of foundation is to give you a look of even skin tone not cover pimples. You can also:

-Dab concealer on your problem areas with a shade just lighter than your natural skin color,

-Then, blot finishing powder to help the coverup to stay.

-After, put foundation over your face and put more concealer when needed.

dry skin- liquid foundation

oily skin- pressed powders
i use superdrugs 2 true range its really cheep and it works perfectly
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  • Why does my foundation and concealer flake when I put it on?

    Ok every time I put on concealer or foundation it always flakes in places like under my eye, or the nose. If not, it looks sort of scaly and not smooth. Can anybody tell me why? And I'm using products from well known companies like Clinique and Covergirl. I'm also using my fingers to put it on, if that makes a difference?

    So what should I do?Why does my foundation and concealer flake when I put it on?
    make sure you exfoliate your skin because make up will dry it out a bit and if there are little bits of dead skin it will look a bit scaly. b sure to use a moisturiser and was off you make up at the end of each day!Why does my foundation and concealer flake when I put it on?
    I have the same problem with concealer. I'm thinking that it's old. Try Chanel. I believe them to be smooth and moist. You can try a concealer brush too.
    Before you put on your make up make sure your face is clean and use a moisturizer. Wait at least ten minutes before putting on your foundation. If you apply make up too soon after moisturing or cleansing it can be pushed out of your pores causing it to flake. Using a non-latex sponge can also help reduce flaking.
    If your makeup is fresh that shouldnt happen. I even have old tubes that Ive had for a long time and they dont do that...unless my skin is dry.. I believe that is the problem here. Even if it doesnt look visibly dry, it might be, which makes liquid foundation look awful. I use St. Ives apricot scrub and LOTS of lotion or aloe vera gel. I hope this helps...also, if you see your skin is a little flaky, dont put powder on too, this is a surefire way to make it look even worse.
    Sounds like either you have dry skin, you're putting on too much makeup, or both.

    Before you put foundation on, you should prep your skin. Wash with a mild scrub (Oil of Olay Regenerist Warming scrub is amazing) and follow with moisturizer. A good one I've found is Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture. This will help your makeup go on more smoothly by getting rid of dead skin cells and hydrating new ones.

    Second, the kind of makeup you use is important--meaning if it's formulated for your skin type. Name brands have very little to do with anything. You could be using Dior foundation, but if it's formulated for oily skin and you have dry skin, it isn't going to look good.

    If you're using cream-to-powder or just plain powder formulas, I'd ditch them for a creamier alternative.
    You might just be a little dry in those areas. Try dabbing some extra virgin olive oil on the area after you wash your face, before you put on makeup and a little heavier when you go to bed. Make sure to dab your concealer... not rub.
    maybe it's old

    never happened to me
    it's either old, or you have dry skin. use a face moisterizer or lotion before putting it on. if that doesn't work buy new make up
    It sounds like a classic case of dry skin. I have it as well, and here is my rountine-

    I scrub my face really well everyother day with an apricot scrub by St. Ives ( you can get it just about anywhere- and you can get it for sensitive skin, dry skin, the whole nine yards)

    Every day I use Sea-Breeze on my face to help clean out the pores. Once my face dries, I use a toner on my skin to help even out the overall tone and pore consistency. After that, I apply a light layer of face moisturizer. I know it's old school, but I like Oil of Olay. It's light on my skin and doesn't make my pores feel gross. After that, I apply my make-up.

    Also, if the shower is before bed, and not to start the day, I put a good layer of moisturizer on and that's it!!! And don't forget your neck!!

    And, to remove your make-up, I like those face cloths that you get wet and they lather up. Or, what works in a pinch for stubborn eye make-up and mascera is good old conditioner! It's cheap and right there!
    Ok this happens when you apply make up to dry skin. Your skin needs moisture try using clinique 1,2,3 step guide it's amazing also clinque have a product called moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief you put it on before you put on ur foundation.//x
    it's because your skin is sensitive and dry..mix it with a little moisturizing unscented lotion
    mayb bcuz those places r dry try xtra moistrizer b4 u out on ur makeup

    What is a great concealer for under the eyes?

    unfortunatly im addicted to wearing concealer under my eyes and i cant break the habit. any good concealers?What is a great concealer for under the eyes?
    lol me, too. i HAVE to wear it. i've tried a ton. i really like MAC concealer. also, smashbox photo op is amazing! i put that on after concealer.What is a great concealer for under the eyes?
    I really like maybelline's mineral power concealer. It doesn't look obvious and it has a shimmer from the minerals that reflect light instead of just making it looking cakey.
    a liquid or stick?

    I use a powder with M-A-C after I put on a little bit of a liquid by Covergirl.
    Bobby Brown has a good one, so does Lancome.

    What is the best concealer and makeup to cover dark imperfections on very light skin?

    these are my favorites in different price ranges...

    mark invisible touch perfecting concealer $5, 5 shades

    merle norman cover up concealer $12, 12 shades

    benefit boi-ing concealer $18, 3 shades

    to apply, pat (don't rub) on with a sponge or small brush. set with foundation.

    i also recently discovered paula's choice cream concealers, and they are lovely if you can find a match.

    i used to use physician's formula le velvet film makeup as concealer, but i can no longer find it in my town. it was so nice.What is the best concealer and makeup to cover dark imperfections on very light skin?
    try a light reflecting concealerWhat is the best concealer and makeup to cover dark imperfections on very light skin?
    You always want to look natrual, glamorous and flawless

    so i think you should use the natrual stuff like the following products:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
    Bare Minerals foundation/concealer
    Bobbi Brown has some good shades that stay in place. Also if they are really difficult to cover, try Dermablend- it is sure to work.
    I would probably recommend you try Bare Minerals Concealers or MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer. I hope it works for you. Good luck *_*
    I have fair skin and love the fair bisque concealer and fair foundation from kms mineral essentials. The concealer is amazing. It covers it all. :)

    In what order should I apply my MAC foundation and concealer after primer?

    I use Studio Fix Powder and Studio Finish Concealer, and I always put the concealer on first, as the MAC makeup artist told me to. I am now using Smashbox Photofinish primer. Should I keep putting my concealer on first or could that affect how the concealer goes on? Or should I apply my powder foundation first?In what order should I apply my MAC foundation and concealer after primer?
    1. Primer, it primes the face (Given you probably know this =) )

    2. Concealer, to hide the blemishes

    3. Foundation to cover the concealer and any redness or dark circles peeping through the concealer as well as uneven skin tone color ...etc.

    4. Powder, to set everything and ensure it will stay

    Hope this helps =)In what order should I apply my MAC foundation and concealer after primer?
    Shortcut in case you are lazy -



    Okay, primer definately goes on before everything, but you know that.

    Once you have that smoothed out evenly over your entire face you should do concealer.

    Since you are using Studio Finish which is a cream, it should smooth on pretty easily over your primer since primers essentially fill in yoiur pores so your skin is completely smooth. So the primer won't hurt your concealer application at all, it is definately helpful.

    Since you use a powder foundation it should always come last. Powder sets liquids or creams so that they last longer, so when you apply your powder foundation you are setting your concealer.

    If you did it the reverse way, concealer over powder it wouldn't go on nearly as smooth and also wouldn't last as long.

    If you think about it, the formulas need to match, smashbox photofinish is a cream/liquid, so it should be followed by a cream/liquid product, wether it be concealer or foundation.

    Of course, if you didn't use concealer at all you could just apply your foundation, but that is beside the point.

    Powders and liquids don't mix well, think of it like this: have you ever heard of someone powdering before they apply their foundation? No. You always powder AFTER foundation, that is essentially what you are doing, powdering after your concealer, even though in your case your powder is a foundation.

    Okay, now I am rambling.

    In short, powder always comes last, always, wether it be foundation or just setting powder.

    Concealer can go after foundation, but only if it is a liquid or cream foundation, since you use powder, it comes before foundation.

    That's all have to say really, sorry for my rambling.
    The way a lot of people do it is like this:

    You always put Primer on first, and then you use the concealer undereyes. (its supposed to be lighter than your foundation) but youre using a powder foundation, so you won't need a separate concealer for undereyes, really, though its better. (most people have 2 concealers, one - two lighter shades than foundation for undereye, then one same color as foundation for blemishes.)

    So put the primer on, and use your finger/brush to pat some of the powder on undereyes, and blend it. If you have 2 concealers, use the lighter one undereye now.

    Then apply Foundation.

    After, see if you even need to conceal your blemishes.

    The reason you do it after is because you see where you need to conceal more. You don't need to conceal a small blemish before foundation if the foundation can cover it up on its own.

    But, if you have a zit, like a big one kinda, conceal it BEFORE foundation so the foundation ensures that it stays covered.
    I know this is going to kill your dreams but I suggest NOT using a Primer in the summer, your makeup is more prone to coming loose because of the heat/moisture.

    The primer may cause your makeup to clump up so just skip that.

    From what you listed you are not using a foundation right? Well anyway if you are you really don't need to, the Studio Fix powder is really FULL coverage powder. I agree with the artist, apply the Concealer first, try blending it in with either a conealer brush or for larger areas I reccomend either a Sigma 190 ( or a MAC 190. Then apply your powder over it. I would suggest a finishing powder for touchups rather than using more Studio Fix. It can get cakey after awhile.
    it depends on what color your concealer is? If its lighter that do it first like the makeup tech told you..

    I just put my concealer on after because I feel that it gives better coverage that way and just blend it out with my brush.

    Typically, if you are using a powder you don't want to apply a liquid/cream over that..

    The motto to live by while applying makeup is to go from most wet(moisturizer, primer, liquid foundation) to driest(setting powder, powder foundation, mineralized foundation).

    So, after all that, I think that you should stick to what the makeup artist told you, or until you switch up your routine... :)
    Over the years, I have talked to several MAC makeup artists:

    they all tell you different things about whether to put on foundation on first or concealer.

    I prefer first foundation then primer. the reason is simple:

    if you apply your foundation first, you are less likely to apply too much concealer so that it will look all more natural.

    but in the end: do whatever you are comfortable with and what gives you your fav result. There are no hard and fast rules in makeup!!!!
    From experience, primer, then the most liquid product to the least liquid product. If you apply powder products before creams or liquids you chance it looking cakey, which is not a cute look. I would suggest that you use your primer, then your concealer and then you powder foundation.
    You should moisturize your face first, let your moisturizer absorb into your skin, wait like 10mins, and then apply your primer, let that settle in for a few minutes. Since you're wearing powder foundation, use your concealer before you apply your foundation, so your foundation will set the concealer as well..
    Personally, i'd put on the powder first, because when you apply the concealer and then the powder sometimes the concealer gets wiped away, which means you have to re apply the concealer all over again. So i'd apply primer - foundation - concealer
    Since your foundation is a powder, you put cream products under it. You always put cream to cream, powder to powder. But you can set creams with powders. So do your cream primer, cream concealer, then powder foundation.
    If you apply the foundation first and then you apply the concealer, you`ll look more natural. If you think it`s enough then no need for powder, you decide.
    You should use the primer first and let that set into your skin before you put on your concealer and powder. The primer will actually smoothe out your skin beforehand letting you have a nice surface to put makeup on! =)
    Apply the smashbox photofinish first, the concealer, and last powder foundation because the powder will set everything and give you a fresh look.
    1) Primer

    2) Concealer

    3) Powder foundation

    If you were to use a liquid or cream foundation then you would apply concealer after foundation
    i think you should put the primer on first, then the concealer, then your powdered foundation.
    primer is always firsts

    Since your using powder foundation use the concealer first if u dont it might end up looking cakey..
    primer, concealer, foundation
    primer, foundation, concealer.
    primer, concealer, powder.




    i say you try both out and then see which outcome is better

    How to apply liquid concealer alone without it looking cakey?

    Okay so here is my dilemma:

    I recently bought the Stila perfecting concealer which is suppose to cover blemishes/undereye circles. When i dab it on, I find it looks dark and cakey so i blend it all over my face. I do not use foundation(the powder kind) so please suggest an alternative. I want to find a way to use this concealer alone. Will it be suitable under a liquid foundation? Any tips on how to apply it properly?

    PS: Please do not suggest I use another brand. I need help with this particular brand.How to apply liquid concealer alone without it looking cakey?
    dab it on with a wet foundation sponge. Then apply foundation over that for a clear ceaseless look. Loose powder on top of that to ';seal'; everything in. Poof! instant fix.

    What is the best concealer for dark elbow?

    Hiya gals

    Could anyone suggest me please? Which concealer is the best for full covering uneven skin ..elbow and knee areas. Especially, my knees have got a scar. Thank you.What is the best concealer for dark elbow?
    Hrm, I don't know about using a concealer on dark elbows/knees but I do know you can get a pumice stone and exfoliate these areas. After a week or so of using it you will see a big difference.What is the best concealer for dark elbow?
    if theyre ASHY, rub vaseline on before bed

    if you're pale, and they're just dark, use a sunless tanner (the lotions that have that gradual tanning effect) so the rest of you isn't so pale in comparison.
    There's a mask to lighten dark patches on鈥?/a>
    White out. It worked for my grandma.
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